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Mitch Gauzas

Leasing, Sales and Investments

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  • Commercial Director at the Ottawa Real Estate Board (2020)
  • Chair of the Commercial Services Committee at the Ottawa Real Estate Board (2020)
  • Licensed Realtor for over 17 years
  • KW Triple Gold award for outstanding sales achievements 2022
  • KW Triple Gold award for outstanding sales achievements 2021
  • KW Triple Gold award for outstanding sales achievements 2020

About Mitch

When it comes to commercial real estate and investments nobody comes close to the dedication and care provided by Mitch Gauzas. With more than seventeen years in commercial real estate leasing, sales, and marketing real estate, you’re with experienced hands. Enjoy the benefit of a comprehensive service that will help you achieve your corporate or personal real estate goals. Whether you’re looking to lease office, industrial or retail space, make a smart investment you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking to sell your commercial real estate, lease vacant space, or purchase or sell a business My Ottawa Agent is your one-stop-shop. We know that each project is unique and requires diligent expertise. We know that you and your company have individual circumstances, goals, and financial capabilities. Let’s work together to tailor a plan that will work within your means to achieve the best results for you and your company. Contact Mitch today to chat about your vision. You’ll be glad you did.

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Benefits of Hiring A Real Estate Agent
Hiring a real estate agent has many benefits that are often overlooked at first glance. When you hire a real estate agent, you are hiring an expert who is highly trained and has the knowledge of what to look for and what to avoid when buying or selling a property. There are hundreds of benefits to hiring a real estate agent, we have put together this list of the top benefits to show you exactly what we can do for you.

Why Hire An Agent?

  • Agents have extensive knowledge of the market.
  • Agents have professional networks accessible to them.
  • Agents are trained to spot potential problems on properties as well as in contracts.
  • Agents can provide valuable price guidance so you aren’t being upsold on a home you would like to purchase or lowballed when attempting to sell.
  • Agents are trained in negotiation and can help you receive the best price possible.
  • When selling your space, agents have an intimate knowledge of staging and can ensure your space is ready and presentable for your potential buyers.
  • Agents have access to off-market listings. You could potentially see spaces that haven’t even been listed yet and find a Diamond before anybody knows it exists.
  • Agents save you time and effort, allow your agent to do the heavy listing and take the stress out of your real estate experience.

There are plenty of benefits to hiring an agent, from a practical standpoint and from a mental health standpoint. This list only grazes the surface of why it is smart to hire a real estate agent! Here at My Ottawa Agent, we are prepared to help you through every step of your real estate experience and ensure you get the best deal possible, every time.

Contact us today to get started, we are motivated to help you through every step of the process.