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Purchase and Sale of
Commercial Properties in Rockland

Do you have a commercial property or are you looking to move into the vibrant cultural environment of Rockland? My Ottawa Agent is the exact real estate firm to help you.

To set up shop in Rockland and connect with the community properly, you will need the right place for your business. My Ottawa Agent has listings of the prime commercial real estate properties in the area. With our help, your organization will smoothly transition into your new business spot in Rockland at very affordable prices.

Businesses in Rockland who need to move elsewhere can also use our services. Our team can scour the real estate market for a buyer for your current property. This will provide you with a significant return on your investment, especially since the property will be more valuable than it was when you first purchased it. Also, finding a new location to set up in Ottawa is child’s play with My Ottawa Agent on your side.

Commercial Real Estate in Ottawa
Commercial Real Estate in Ottawa

Lease Your Commercial Real Estate
With My Ottawa Agent

If you prefer to lease property in Rockland instead of a direct purchase, My Ottawa Agent is here to help.

Many real estate properties for industry purposes are available for leasing in Rockland and we are privy to the prime choices. With our experienced team on your side, the property that can best fit your business needs and your budget is only moments away. Choose My Ottawa Agent to place your company on the best possible footing.

If your commercial property is currently not in use and you aren’t in the mood to sell just yet, you could list the property with us. Many companies are looking to move into Rockland and are willing to lease property to hold their business interests. With My Ottawa Agent, your property makes you money and increases its valuation simultaneously.

If you instead have property that you’d rather not sell but still profit from, My Ottawa Agent is still the best choice. When you list the property with us, we can find a business willing to lease it from you. Rockland is a prime location for many companies that would like a foothold. With My Ottawa Agent, that drive can benefit you too.


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When it comes to commercial real estate and investments nobody comes close to the dedication and care provided by Mitch Gauzas. With more than fifteen years in leasing, sales, and marketing real estate, you’re with experienced hands. Enjoy the benefit of a comprehensive service that will help you achieve your corporate or personal real estate goals. Whether you’re looking to lease office, industrial or retail space, make a smart investment you’ve come to the right place.

Why Work With
My Ottawa Agent in Rockland

My Ottawa Agent is a trusted party in the field of commercial real estate. Our services range widely and extensively, allowing our clients to receive top-notch and complete services. Our team has access to the best listings in the location and a proven track record of helping our clients meet their business goals.

Our techniques aren’t just about finding the best real estate listings and allowing you to pick one. My Ottawa Agent adopts a personalized approach to every client to ensure that their specific needs are met in every way. Our comprehensive analysis combined with our real estate listings makes My Ottawa Agent second to none and the best choice for you. Contact us today.

Commercial Real Estate in Ottawa
Commercial Real Estate in Ottawa

Why You Need a
Commercial Realtor in Rockland

While most people recognize the need for a real estate professional when buying a house, many opt to lease commercial space without professional realtor guidance. However, it is just as crucial to seek the help of a professional broker when searching for a commercial space to grow your business.

A commercial real estate broker who solely focuses on the needs of tenants can have a significant impact on your business’s future. By having a broker who understands the type of commercial space you require and is knowledgeable about lease terms, you can save time and money in the long run.

Protect your business interests by working with one of our experienced realtors at My Ottawa Agent today in Rockland.

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