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Buying Land
in Ottawa

Selecting the right property requires careful consideration. Whether it be land real estate or commercial real estate, it’s best to take all the right precautions. Mitch Gauzas has years of experience working with property investors to find the perfect property to add to their investment portfolio.

Tired of looking for the perfect property days on end? Let’s start a conversation about your expectations, budgets, and requirements. Our discussions establish the parameters needed to help you find that dream property in Ottawa. Contact My Ottawa Agent today!

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Benefits of Investing
in Vacant Land

Land real estate investments offer you endless opportunities. When done correctly, vacant land is among the most strategic real estate investments you can make. However, to ensure success, proper due diligence is key. That is what you’ll want to work with a team of experienced real estate professionals for this process.

A few benefits of land real estate include no ongoing maintenance, land continues to appreciate (regardless of your level of investment into the property), no tenants to manage, value is only limited by permitted land use (not by income or cap rates), among others! My Ottawa Agent is ready to get started on working with you to find the perfect piece of land for your investment portfolio.


Selling Land
in Ottawa

Selling land might seem easy when compared to commercial and industrial real estate, but that’s not always the case. It’s important to have a sound strategy and a full understanding of the process to ensure that you are doing everything you can to maximize your profit from this transaction.

Finding the right potential buyers – can be difficult. And when you are working a full-time job, it’s hard to keep up. Instead, hire My Ottawa Agent! Our team will handle all the advertising, which will be updated regularly to keep your listing competitive and top of mind to potential buyers. Ready to get started with selling your vacant land in Ottawa? Get in touch with Mitch Gauzas of My Ottawa Agent to get started with our real estate services!

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A Focused Strategy
Tailored to Your Goals

The real estate market for selling existing homes and vacant land is not the same. Being well-prepared upon entering the real estate market is key for successfully selling your vacant land in Ottawa. From their perspective, desires, and needs, buyers looking for vacant land investments are different from homebuyers.

Land buyers are looking for the right location and an opportunity that allows them to succeed in their goals. As well, the market for vacant land is less active than the housing market. The being said, patience is required since selling vacant land usually takes longer than a house. Don’t let this be discouraging! Vacant land is still a very sought-after investment by potential buyers. If you own vacant land in Ottawa and you’re interested in selling, contact our team at My Ottawa Agent.

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