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Creating site-plan-approved real estate projects builders love to buy.


Site-Plan-Approval Project Management

We create site-plan-approved development sites and sell to builders

Making your money work for you, we manage the process of acquiring suitable sites to get a development plan approved that will maximize the potential of the property. We also work on sites our clients already own. Once a project is approved by the municipality the site is sold with all entitlements in place to builders for a healthy profit. Benefit from our combined project management and real estate brokerage services.

With our approach, our clients are rewarded with great real estate investment opportunities that facilitate making a successful exit in a timely manner. Work with our team to take a proactive approach to grow your wealth.


Get a great return on your investment

With our site-plan-approval business model, My Belle Developments can substantially increase the value of a property to yield investors up to 50% return on their investment in a relatively short period of time. In other words, if you invest $1.00, you can expect roughly $1.50 back after expenses and fees. Investors receive their initial capital plus proceeds as soon as each sale is complete. Roll your funds into more projects and multiply your wealth.


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When it comes to commercial real estate and investments nobody comes close to the dedication and care provided by Mitch Gauzas. With more than sixteen years in evaluating and selling investment real estate, you’re with experienced hands. Enjoy the benefit of a comprehensive service that will help you achieve your real estate investment goals.


Get in and get out with a profit

Projects are expected to take 18 to 24 months. Our model gives investors a significant return on their investment in a relatively short period of time. Whereas traditional real estate buy-and-hold investments can take many years to appreciate, we add a significant incremental value to properties quickly by creating approved development opportunities for builders. Let us help you invest in a pipeline of projects to grow your wealth at an accelerated pace.


We Make Your Money Work For You

Enjoy the benefits of investing without the traditional hassles of ownership. With My Belle Developments, we project manage a full team of professionals leaving you stress-free and excited about building your financial legacy. The team will include an architect, engineer, designer, estimator, lawyer, planner, property management and more specialized consultants who will conduct the necessary studies and reports required to diligently bring projects to fruition.

Investing in Site-Plan-Approval Projects FAQs

What is a site-plan-approved site?

A site that is approved for development by the municipality is site-plan-approved. This is the step just before submitting the final working drawings of the proposed building to secure a permit to begin construction.

Can you project manage a site I already own?

Absolutely! Let’s start with a certified appraisal of your property to establish an unbiased present-day value. This appraised value will establish the baseline from which we then create incremental value. Next, we’ll work with our service providers to secure a feasibility study of your property and manage the entire site-plan-approval process, final valuation, and sales process. Project management fees are only applied to the incremental value achieved on the sale of the site at the end of the process.

Who should invest?

Investing with My Belle Developments is well suited for people who want to benefit from real estate opportunities that produce a high return on investment without the hassles required of traditional ownership. People who are having difficulty finding their ‘perfect’ opportunity now have a different way to get their money into the market. With a passive investment, your time remains free to enjoy the things that matter to you most while we make your money work for you. Roll your funds into a pipeline of projects to multiply your wealth and enjoy the dividends more often.

What is the scope of a typical project?

Here are the stages of a typical project:

  1. Identify candidate properties that meet our strict risk-mitigating criteria;
  2. Purchase a candidate property;
  3. Hire and manage professional services to conduct all necessary studies and create design plans for a multifamily or mixed-use building that will achieve the highest and best use for the site;
  4. Secure approval of the development for the site with the local municipality;
  5. Sell the approved development site to a builder for a profit.

What are the benefits of My Belle Developments?

Here are some of the benefits we offer:

  • Our extensive experience selling properties for more than 16 years gives us the skills needed to evaluate opportunities from an investment perspective;
  • Our success in marketing and sales will add value to the building design to ensure the highest sale price for each project;
  • Our fee is paid as a percentage of the proceeds of each project so you do not pay project management fees during the planning and approval stages of the project;
  • Complete end-to-end service from site selection, design, planning approval, property management and sales gives you a truly passive investment;
  • High yield real estate investing in a relatively short period of time;
  • Create your own real estate opportunities rather than hoping for an ‘ideal’ investment property to come along.

What is the process for investing?

Move forward as a sole investor, or participate in syndication with like-minded investors. First, let’s establish your financial status and how much you would like to invest. Once we have some data we can establish a game plan. Next, we’ll sign a project management contract using the services of our lawyer and begin with site selection.

How long does each project take?

Typically, projects will take 18 to 24 months. Site acquisition can take a few months on its own at the beginning of the process. Once we have a candidate site, professional service providers will be hired to conduct the necessary studies and design planning that will meet the requirements for municipal approval. As soon as this milestone is achieved, the property is listed and sold. We work closely with our service providers to ensure studies are completed efficiently and design plans mature into the highest and best use for the site.

What is the fee structure?

Think of our arrangement more as a joint venture where you as the investor retain 70% of the incremental value created from the proceeds on the sale of each project. Our fee is 30% of the proceeds on the sale of each project. With this arrangement, you can be assured that we have a vested interest in ensuring the best outcome for the site and that all consulting costs are controlled. Typical project managers charge a significant flat fee at milestone intervals throughout the process regardless of the outcome and do not have sales and valuation experience. Our arrangement is different in that we do not charge any project management fees upfront or during the process. We’re in it with you until the end. With a vested interest in the outcome, you can be confident that we care about the results.

Are there additional expenses?

In addition to the down payment required to purchase candidate sites, investors pay for all of the soft costs required to obtain site-plan approval. These expenses will include consultants, lawyers, and realtor fees. All of these costs are built into the business model. Realtor fees are typically paid by the seller when sites are acquired so it is rare that investors will pay brokerage fees on site acquisition, although it can happen for unlisted opportunities. A real estate brokerage fee of 5% is applied to the sale of the property when it is ready to be sold.

Do you build the project after it has been approved?

Our business model is designed to get our investors a high return in the fastest time frame. Taking the project off the page and into the ground can extend the time it takes to make an exit from an investment by a year or more. Construction also requires tying up a significantly greater amount of capital in one project. For well-capitalized investors, this may be the path to pursue. In general, our streamlined approach helps our clients diversify their funds across multiple projects, mitigate risks and get paid in a faster time frame more often as projects come to fruition sooner.

Do you co-operate with other real estate agents?

Absolutely, we do! Realtors can partner with us to offer My Belle services to their clients. We are happy to incentivize Realtors by sharing up to 50% of the brokerage commission on property acquisitions plus 10% of the listing brokerage commission when the project is sold. Our Realtor partners will also be offered the exposure that comes with co-listing the opportunity when the project is put on the market. In cases where a client already owns a property and no acquisition is necessary our Realtor partners will be eligible for a referral fee of 10% of the project management fee up to $7,500 plus 10 % of the listing side of the broker commission when the project is sold.

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