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My Ottawa Agent is your one-stop shop for all your commercial real estate and business needs in Ottawa. We can help you find the perfect location for your business or help you sell your space to ensure that you maximize the potential profit. When you choose to work with us, you’ll benefit from our years of experience in the Ottawa real estate market. We’ll help you establish the right strategies to ensure that you are on the track for success. We’ll prepare detailed analysis and reporting with recommendations that have your best interest in mind to reach your property investment goals. With more than 15 years of experience, we have perfected our approach to commercial real estate. Our clients profit from getting the highest value in the shortest time frame possible whether they are buying or leasing commercial property in Ottawa.



Secure the perfect space for your business. We start with an analysis of your needs and budget to determine your specific circumstances, then a thorough space availability report is prepared for your consideration. This report will include properties listed with all brokerages, landlords and any available off-market opportunities including MLS and non-MLS listings. Next, a tour of candidate spaces will be arranged to view in person or virtually. We will visit each space together, develop a shortlist of the best options for you and prepare a draft offer for your internal review. Negotiations will commence with your offer submission. Count on extensive leasing experience that includes strong negotiating skills and diligent project management to assist you in reaching a great deal. Once the final lease is approved and executed you’ll take possession of your new space. Our tenant leasing services will save you valuable time, money and hassle.



Using best practices we start with a thorough analysis of your property. We can look at your listing from four different perspectives which include a study of comparable properties, the income approach, highest and best use or replacement cost analysis. The results of this extensive research will lead us to a suggested list price for the highest value and appropriate sales strategy. Next, we assist you with preparing your property for sale followed by creating a tailored marketing campaign designed specifically for you. This campaign may consist of mass marketing to the public using MLS, Costar, LoopNet, newsletters, paid advertising, a variety of posting sites, direct contact to prospective buyers and outreach to our already established network of buyers. Advertising will be updated regularly to keep your listing competitive and top of mind. When you list your property for sale with My Ottawa Agent you can rely on strong negotiation skills and diligent management during your conditionally sold period to guide your sale to successful completion.



Selecting the right property requires careful consideration. Let’s start with a candid conversation about your goals and available down payment. Our discussions will establish the parameters of your investment and our next steps together. After determining the type of property that best suits your needs, you’ll receive a presentation consisting of available properties that meet our established criteria. Your property search will include MLS listings and non-MLS listings as well as any off-market opportunities that may be available. Next, you’ll receive a detailed financial presentation on the future prospectus of candidate properties so that you can make an informed decision. Following a successful negotiation, you can rely on meticulous care of your acquisition process during your conditional period. Together we’ll bring your purchase to a successful conclusion and grow your real estate investment portfolio.



Count on quality marketing and consistent outreach to attract new tenants to your office, retail or industrial space. We start with an analysis of the market to bring you the data you need to establish competitive pricing and incentive strategies. Our process includes screening tenants and assisting you with qualifying their financial and credit status. We place a heavy emphasis on mitigating your risks and upfront costs. We know that cooperating with all brokers and agents is essential to bring you a great tenant in the shortest time frame. Whether your needs are to fill vacant space or manage the lease renewals of existing tenants, your investment portfolio is in professional hands. With our extensive experience in representing landlords, you will be excited about your final lease agreement.



Working with My Ottawa Agent means choosing the right sales team to ensure your development reaches its maximum potential. Include us early in the process to assist you in establishing a path to profit. Using best practices we’ll conduct a fair market analysis of your proposed project and provide you with a comprehensive investment analysis. Examining your project from a buyer or tenant perspective will enable us to determine a competitive list price and marketing strategy. Establishing your sales expectations early will be a great help to you during your design and planning stage. Knowing your development from the ground up is a significant benefit during the sales process. Once the municipality approves your project our mass marketing campaign can be launched. Our outreach will include but is not limited to public advertising on MLS, Costar, LoopNet, direct marketing, social media, newsletters, paid ads, working the phones and more. Together we’ll construct a campaign that will reach new heights.



Bringing two parties together to transact a business requires specialized skills. To start, you need a Realtor with experience in shareholder purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, lease agreements and franchise license contracts. Consideration of employees, business equipment, trademarks and intellectual property are essential components of your contract. Arranging for transition training and accounting for the value of inventory must also be factored in. Confidentiality during the marketing and sales process are paramount to ensure the viability and uninterrupted continuity of the company. Sellers must be forthcoming and transparent with all business financial documents and existing contracts. On the buyer side, it’s imperative that candidates provide proof of their financial status at the onset of the transaction process to demonstrate they are capable of making the purchase. Building trust between all parties is just one of the many ways we help you sell or buy a business in Ottawa.

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