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Campground For Sale in Ottawa

RV Park

Wise investors are looking for recession proof businesses with appreciable capital assets. There may be none better than this trailer park campground located in East Ottawa – now for sale – which caters to affordable living. 

With the world the way it is right now, people are examining the wisdom of certain investment strategies. Unless you’re Warren Buffet, this Realtor recommends you avoid the volatile markets and bank on the tangible ones. Assets – real estate and specifically income producing properties are the right play. Real assets can offer you a more secure return on investment. Not just for your pocket book, but for your emotional wellbeing. 

Reliable, necessary and within an owner’s control, hard real estate assets offer you a feeling of security that can’t be matched by stock markets. And income producing real estate gives you even more advantages.

Now more than ever, is the time to acquire an income producing property. Think real cash flow, real opportunity for growth, capital appreciation and long term equity. These are just some of the benefits of choosing an income producing property as your investment. 

Among the most secure and necessary type of income properties are those that cater to affordable living. RV trailer parks are the ticket for low rent living. And what people love about them is that they get to live on a beautifully maintained property with all the comforts and conveniences of brick and mortar homes. 

People of all ages and backgrounds gravitate to the RV park style of living. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians reside in parks all over the country. Some are snow birds who migrate South in the winter and live above the 49th parallel during the Spring, Summer and Fall. It’s flexible and the rental cost per lot is relatively cheap compared to a permanent home or apartment.

Take the Recreationland Trailer and Campground for example – now listed for sale with My Ottawa Agent Mitch Gauzas. This facility is located on the East side of Ottawa’s city limit along highway 174. It’s about a 30 minute drive East from downtown.

This income property offers affordable living and a pristine river view. It’s a picturesque environment on 58 acres of well manicured greenery and only a five minute drive to Rockland town centre where residents can shop and run errands.

Operating from Spring to late fall each year Recreationland is nearing it’s 40th year in operation. With lots of room to attract more tenants the park has established a loyal clientele of full season, medium term and short term residence. And there’s plenty of space for campers passing though on their road trips.

With 75 full service sites, residence have all of the amenities they need. Services include hydro, water and sewer hook-ups at each site. The property offers accommodation on an additional 25 sites for those only in need of hydro. Wifi, bathrooms, showers and laundry facilities are conveniently located on site at the visitor centre. Residence also enjoy the in-ground pool and playground.

Installing infrastructure is no small investment when establishing an RV park. It takes years of re-investing and upgrading. You can imagine what the cost of purchasing a viable piece of land and installing all of the underground infrastructure, buildings and equipment would be today. Add to that the cost architects, planning and development fees. To start from scratch for a site this size in 2020 would be enormous.

Recreationland includes 58 acres of land, all of the infrastructure, buildings and equipment to step into the business turn-key. It also includes a main residence bungalow on the Southern portion of the property. It features a double car garage, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The current owner is planning for retirement and looking to pass the torch to the next go-getter. The foundation for success is laid and ready for you to take the operation to new heights. The list price on MLS is $2,700,000 for the entire package.

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Mitch Gauzas