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Indian Restaurant Franchise For Sale

Ottawa Real Estate

Traditional franchise models require their franchisees to build each store from the ground up before opening for business. This company does it in reverse to mitigate the risks for the investors and I have 2 locations for sale.

One of the challenges with a franchise business is that the franchisee must absorb the cost of opening their store up front. Before the investor can generate income they have to spend a large sum of money on the venture and wait many months before their new store is open to the public. From the time it takes to qualify as a franchisee, to securing a lease, hiring your designers, securing a building permit and doing the construction, there is a considerable number of steps to opening a franchise store.

Whether you’ve chosen an established nationally recognized brand with numerous existing locations across the country or newer brand on the rise, the traditional method is an up front risk for the upstart owner. And, yes we know it works with the right brand and team. You put your trust in the brand, the financial performance of existing locations, the people who manage the head office and take a leap of faith. If the new operator is attentive, has secured the right lease and has a little wind at their back, great results can be achieved. 

Ottawa Commercial Real Estate
Amaya Restaurant at Kanata Centrum Plaza

There is another way to build a franchise company. There’s a way to substantially mitigate the risks inherent with the traditional model. And if you or someone you know is in the market for a business opportunity with substantially fewer risks than as described, I’m working with a fantastic company you should know about called Amaya Restaurants.

The food at Amaya is mouth watering. Their butter chicken and Naan bread will make you feel like you’re ready for the perfect nap right after stuffing yourself. I know. My first meeting with Mr. Hussain, the Master Franchisor for Eastern Canada, ended with me carrying two large bags of their finest home. And without a doubt it was the best Indian food I had enjoyed in a very long time.

With 20 locations operating in Ontario, Amaya serves a sumptuous menu of Indian food. Their sauces and ingredients are worth every carbohydrate. With generous portions at their mall locations, or unlimited trips to the buffet at other stores, no customer leaves wanting.

Ottawa Commercial Real Estate
Amaya Restaurant Kanata Centrum Plaza

Amaya is operating two locations in Ottawa, both within A+ retail centres. The first store opened in the Rideau Centre Food Court. It’s a highly sought after location and takes a confident business owner to make such a commitment. It’s a confidence prospective franchisees should not take lightly because the upstart costs were high. With a captive customer base the financial rewards are bountiful at the mall. So much so, that the store is moving to a larger facility within the Food Court where they will be offering a full buffet and interior seating. It’s a move expected to increase sales by 20% over their already healthy achievements. This location is primed and ready for a franchisee to now take the reigns.  

The second Ottawa store opened early in 2019 at the Kanata Centrum Plaza. A high traffic West end of Ottawa retail centre. The space is 2,000 square feet, a beautiful restaurant facility constructed from an empty shell. With a full commercial kitchen, high quality interior finishes, welcoming dining area and attentive staff, the full buffet experience offers lunch and dinner. With Amaya’s well established business practices and excellent customer reviews, business has been on the steady incline. As per the intended growth strategy, it’s time for a franchisee. 

For risk averse investors, or entrepreneurs looking for an established enterprise, consider becoming the new owner of one or both stores – instead of taking a leap of faith and starting a location from scratch.

Expect new stores in Ottawa and across Eastern Canada over the coming years as the brand continues to grow and life returns to normal after Covid-19. 

Visit for more information about the company and to salivate over the menu. 

Both locations are listed with My Ottawa Agent Mitch Gauzas on MLS and require only a 25% down payment on the purchase price. Each location will comfortably support a business loan for the balance of the purchase price, which is typical of how a franchise deal is done. The norm is for franchisees to finance their business acquisition or construction on new stores. The exciting opportunity with Amaya is that the next operator will profit from a healthy income right from day one. 

Amaya Buffet
Amaya Buffet

The Rideau Centre location has been operating for several years and is listed for $799,000. The Kanata Centrum location has successfully passed it’s one year anniversary and is listed for $350,000. Financial, lease and franchise information is available to qualified buyers under a confidentiality agreement. The purchase price includes the franchise fee and training. 

If you know someone who is looking for a turn-key business that can be managed without the owners working at the store full time please share this opportunity. Each loction may be sold separately. 

– Mitch Gauzas –

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