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Do You Suffer From Sick Building Syndrome?

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Prolonged exposure to these environments can really take a toll on you.

Have you ever felt like your productivity level has decreased, or that for some weird reason you’re less motivated to go into the work place? Have you ever felt ill without being able to pin point the cause? In the search for the problem you may discover that it has nothing to do with you. In fact, it may actually be your building putting your health at risk.
If you haven’t heard of Sick Building Syndrome, you need to know about it. Due to the amount of time we all spend at our offices and homes it’s important for you to be cognizant of the risks and symptoms that can result from this problem. Poor air quality, volatile temperature and chemical odours are often contributors to many symptoms like headaches, dizziness, nausea, eye, nose or throat irritation, dry cough, dry or itching skin, difficulty in concentration, fatigue, sensitivity to odours, hoarseness of voice, allergies, cold, flu-like symptoms, increased incidence of asthma attacks and personality changes.
Faulty building humidifiers can cause too much moisture in the air forcing you to inhale water droplets, unfiltered and full of contaminants from outside. Vehicle exhaust entering from the street coupled with dirty building filters and poor building air circulation can become a breeding ground for micro organisms.
So it goes without saying that prolonged exposure to these environments can really take a toll on you. Chemicals from carpeting, pesticides, cleaning agents, copy machines, adhesives, tobacco smoke are just some among many of the indoor exposures that can contribute to your ill health, or disconnected feelings. Make sure to have these items examined for chemical odours or emissions.
If your colleague smells of cigarette smoke, even though that person may have gone outside, the odour can affect your mood and your health in a negative way. Poor lighting and bad ergonomics will also contribute to causing the blues, physical or mental fatigue.
In addition to the building factors, being overworked, stressed, sedentary and maintaining negative relationships will also contribute to ill health. Be sure to find the right balance between work and your personal life and surround yourself with great people who are kind to you. It’s a choice.
So the next time you feel down or have symptoms similar to a cold it may not be enough to just visit your family physician. It may also be worthwhile to give your building a thorough check-up.
Until next time.
– Mitch Gauzas

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